Entrepreneur Father

Entrepreneurs are go-getters, which usually translates into them already having everything they want. This makes it difficult for those of us who are gift giving to these personality types. The benefit with Entrepreneurs is that they generally have a few things in common: Innovative, solutions oriented, and an outlet (hobbies, recreational activities) In honor of father’s day, we thought we’d share some great gift ideas for the Dads who are business oriented.

Italian Silk Linen Tie
Ties are more than just fabric for some men. In fact, Psychology Today states that ties are used to express the wearer’s creativity, and personality, and that they also conveys a feeling, situation and elegance. You could even pair it with a nice Irish Linen short-sleeve shirt.

Delray dress shoes
(We suggest Allen Edmonds, $365 as they also have a secure checkout page.). If your Dad enjoys fine shoes, these just might do the trick. These elegant shoes are lined with premium calfskin leather with single ak leather soles. In the business world, some say that the quality of shoes reflects the level of respect the wearer has for himself. As an added bonus, purchase Allen Edmonds conditioner cleaner to maintain the shiny appearance of the shoes.

Pocket Projector Mobile
You can find this gift in any Brookstone Stores, and it’s perfect for those Dads who always run on ideas. With this specific projector, you can share a 1080p sharp image on your phone up to 80 inches. Perfect for presentations or projects. To get the whole package, there’s also a travel case to protect it from any potential damage.  

The Royal Shave
Get the men’s equivalent to a spa day and treat him to a royal shave at the Art of Shaving. You can go online to find the location nearest to you. The shave is done by a master barber, and saves Dads face from any razor-bumps and rashes. After all the hard work he does, he deserves to relax.

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